GameTime Basketball Camps

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GameTime Summer 2015. 20th anniversary (10 years BoumBoum and 10 years GameTime). 4 weeks in USA and Belgium. Almost 200 kids. Ages 8 to 20. Boys and girls. Our goal: to make every camper a better ball player and give them a time to remember. The reactions of campers and parents: positive, great, fun, top coaches. To hear that gives us the power to continue for the next 20 years. We will even set higher goals. Believe the hype! Who would have thought we would put campers in the Knicks practice facility?! We did!
But our main goal will remain to make every camper a better basketball player. We believe we do that by working with great coaches, all of them certified. All of them with a mindset to look at the individual player in front of them. All of them put in 100% energy. All of them enthusiastic.
We have all of our camps and coaches under evaluation of BLOSO. They let us know we are doing a great job.
We will continue to work with these great coaches. We will keep practice groups small, so that the individual receives as much attention as the group does. We put quality before quantity. Therefore, there is a limited number of campers allowed at each camp. Since last year, we upgraded the basketballs from rubber to synthetic leather. Each camper takes one of these home at the end of the camp.
For 20 years, we have put a lot of time into discipline, norms and values. We believe this is essential in creating successful teams and groups. Communication, honesty, confidence and kindness are winners with us!
We will be back with a Christmas camp soon. Of course, next summer we will go all in again. See you at GameTime!